All sculptures from Terrance Patterson Gallery are made from a casting cement trade named as hydrocal. The cement used for the sculptures is manufactured by the U.S. Gypsum company.

Hydrocal comes in a powdered form which is added to water and mixed until it reaches the necessary consistency. It is then poured into a latex mold then rolled and agitated to remove all air. For 40 minutes it is set aside to harden by catalytic conversion. Then, it is removed from the mold and all seams are trimmed and filled. After it is trimmed it is set aside for two days to dry. The dried sculpture is then dipped in black dye and allowed to dry for an additional day.

Skilled artisans apply the bronze patina by hand to each piece and then send it to the painting booth for a clear coat of acrylic which sets the patina.

To care for your sculpture simply buff with a soft cloth. Never use soaps or solvents to clean your sculpture.

Terrance Patterson Gallery - How It's Made

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